• Moments to Remember

  • Tastings, Private Events and Catering!

Moments to Remember

Tastings, Private Events and Catering!


Our moments create the perfect interactive night out or group activity to host at home. Whether joining us in person or staying in, you'll have everything you need to create an experience you and your friends are sure to remember.

Tasting Events

We can take our pink cocktail bar or our mobile cocktail kart to you for your private event!
You can also rent our location for private events or corporate gatherings!

Get the party started! Reach out to us regarding catering, tastings, events or our mobile non-alcoholic cocktail bar/kart!

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Non-Alcoholic Craft Cocktail Pink Bar

We will bring our pink bar and quickly set up in your backyard, in your office, at a park and can make any craft cocktail non-alcoholic!

Non-Alcoholic Cocktail Kart…it’s a dry affair!

We will bring our non-alcoholic cocktail kart to your wedding, birthday party, corporate event, etc!

Your party is just an email away! Contact us today!